Welcome to Mommy's Kids Childcare Centre! Where fun and learning begins! Our goal is to Provide a complete nurturing environment for the growth and development of the whole child Learning Is Fun Through play, children learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them
Daycare (0-6 Yrs)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 6:30 am-6:00pm
Open all year round except on statutory holidays

Out of School(6-12 Yrs)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:00pm
Open all year round except on statutory holidays

A Few Words About Our Center

Mommy’s Kids Childcare Centre Ltd. offers high-quality childcare in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. We take our job and responsibility seriously and we make every effort to meet the needs of the children, and provide the parents with peace of mind.

We believe that our holistic approach, without a doubt, will create children that are happy, balanced, confident and self-aware. They will have compassion, respect and an appreciation for others, nature and the planet. An adaptation of our philosophies and principles, coupled with our loving, nurturing environment, gives your child the very best start to his/her life and is an excellent foundation for their formal education.

Our holistic approach will ignite a life-long passion for learning, fuel a desire to live life with purpose, boost their confidence and make him/her better prepared to meet every day with enthusiasm.


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